Sunday, 11 March 2012


Many viruses and spywares may come inside the word Malware therefore securing someone's computer from viruses and spywares is less important than securing a computer from MALWARES.
Securing a computer from malwares is very important because some malwares
can even destroy the confidential informations in the computer completely.

Anti-malware softwares basically resides deep into the operating system so as to check every operation performed by the operating system.
When your computer has any anti-malware software or anti-virus then these anti-malware/anti-virus softwares check the authenticity of every task before performing by the operating system. If any task demanded to perform by the operating system is not having the permission by the computer user (admin) then the anti-malware software raises an alert to the computer user about the specific malicious program and stop its working.

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