Thursday, 15 March 2012


Social engineering is the act of manipulating people with the intention of making harm to them. Social engineering includes the act of talking or convincing people to get their valuable information.
Social engineering includes winning the trust of the person whose confidential information you want to steal.

Examples of social engineering
A very common and basic application of social engineering is the PHISHING.
You can read more about phishing from my post on PHISHING.
So in the whole and from the very lowest ground we can simply say that SOCIAL ENGINEERING is an another method of hacking and compromising someone's privacy and confidential information.

If you want to hack your friend's facebook account then you can try to know his password from his own words by just asking in some different way about his password in your general get together as you people may have weekly or bi-weekly.
This is called the pure form of social engineering.

On the first, Brute forcing for breaking into someone's account look a "A METHOD WHICH WILL NOTY WORK AT ALL"
but you will be amazed to know that almost every hacker always try to use brute force method first to hack the account.

If you are little confuse about the word BRUTE FORCE then let me give a brief introduction of this interesting technique.
 on an all Brute forcing is nothing but just guessing different combination of character, numbers and words for making a password which you think that your victim would use.
And if you make a right guess then wolla..:) you are in the victim's account now.

If you are thinking that this method is not gonna work for you, then I suggest you to atleast give it a try.
I'm sure that you are not gonna regret using it.

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