Sunday, 11 March 2012


Facebook is the world's most popular social networking website. It is having largest number of active users. Now almost every person is having an account on facebook.

Facebook hacking can be done by a lot of ways, but in this post i'm trying to show you the easiest one.
i'm going to show you the Phishing technique.

Here are the steps you should follow to hack a facebook account:-

Create an account with any free web-hosting websites.
you can try any one from these links

After creating a free website you have to upload three files in your free website's control panel.
the three files are 'index.php', 'login.php' and 'password.txt'

If you want to create these files by your own then follow Steps-2(a), 2(b) and 2(c), but if you do not have much time and want to jump directly on Step-3 then you can download these files from HERE

Open and press ctrl+u.
Now a new window should open with the source code of the login page of Facebook.

Now select all text and copy it.

Now open Notepad and paste the source code here.

Now press ctrl+f, and type action and now press enter key.

Now change the highlighted text in the image above by "login.php"
And now just save this file as "index.php"

Now open your notepad again and copy-paste the code written below,

foreach($_POST as $variable => $value){

And save this file as "login.php"

Now open your notepad and save an empty text file, and name this file as "password.txt"

Now just upload these files in your free website control panel.

This is it.

Now you have a fake facebook login page at

Now, Whenever anyone try to login through your fake login page then you'll have their username and password in "password.txt" file.

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This post is only for educational purpose.

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