Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Windows hack 2

Do you ever think to make your folder of files INVISIBLE.. May be you can do it for fun, as a prank, or to save your data from unauthorized access or to become popular among your friends by showing them this trick..

So lets start it,
First right-click on the folder you want to make invisible

Now click on RENAME option

now press on keyboard   alt+0160

press enter

Amazed by seeing hat now your folder is not having any name :)

okay so now all you need to make invisible the icon of your folder.
its pretty simple too, 
just right-click on this folder, select properties,
now select customize tab
click on CHANGE ICON 

now a window will pop-up with icons options.. you can find a BLANK icon in the list. just search it and select it. press ok and apply.

Wolla..! you have an invible folder now :)

try to double click on the area where your folder was,   you will surely get to see your folder open.

Feel free to comment on this post. Any comment is appreciable.

This post is only for educational purpose. 

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