Tuesday, 13 March 2012


How to trace ip address of someone
Many Rats, keyloggers, and trojan horses require IP address of the victim. You can even hack any computer if you got his/her IP address. IP address can be traced by using a simple trick.
All you need to do is make create a page in your phishing website. (I am assuming that you have viewed my article on phishing hacking and you are having a phishing website, If you do not have any phishing website then do not worry,just create a new free webhosting website for IP hacking.)
ok now copy paste the lines written below in notepad



Save this file as ****.php
name this file whatever you like, but the extension must be .php

Now upload this file and an empty text file(ipaddress.txt) to your free websites control panel.

Now all you have to do is just sending the url of this file, and whenever someone open this page you will get his/her IP address in ipaddress.txt file.

Now, its upto you that what you want to do with their ip address.

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