Wednesday, 14 March 2012


If you want to hide your personal data stored in your computer from your siblings, parents or spouse then this windows trick will definitely help you.
All your data will remain in-front of other people but still they cannot see what the files are containing.

all you need to do is open command prompt
go to the directory where your file is.
you can change directories by using cd command

Now assume that i have an image file image.jpg in hideFiles folder in C derive.

type these commands in command prompt

cd c\hideFiles

these above commands will change the current working directory in command prompt. and will make c/hideFiles our current working directory.

Now type this command

ren image.txt image.dll

this command will rename the file. And here we are actually changing the file format of our image file.

No body can ever guess that this image.dll file is actually an image file.

Now whenever you want to open this file you have to repeat the above procedure

just replace "ren image.jpg image.dll" command with "ren image.dll image.jpg" command.
Now you have your image back. Double click this file and see your secret image ;)

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This post is only for educational purpose. 

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