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What is keylogger
Precisely keylogger is a malware which gets install in computer to secretly steal the confidential informations stored in the computer.
Good keyloggers are hard to detect. There are a lot of free keyloggers available in the internet. You can buy some keyloggers too.

Keyloggers vary in their work and in hidden features too.
Some keyloggers get detected by anti-malware softwares easily. Generally the free keyloggers are detectable.
If you really want to steal someone's confidential informations stored in his computer than you should never go for a free keylogger, just buy a good keylogger.

Types of keyloggers
Keyloggers vary vastly in their work and intentions of their use. As someone could use keylogger for getting the log of all keystrokes made by the victim to keep check on the mails etc created by him/her.
Or someone could just use keylogger to get the username and password of the victim's email accounts or social networking websites like Facebook. So we can say that for hacking facebook account we can use keyloggers.

How keyloggers work
Keyloggers reside deep inside the operating system, and made itself hidden ffrom that computer user. Keystrokes made by the computer is get recorded by the keylogger. Now depending on the keylogger this log file (Which contains all the keystrokes made by the user) may just get saved in the hard disk or some keylogger may email this log file to the person who wants to steal the infomations.

Drawbacks of keyloggers
There is a very big problem in installing the keylogger in the victim's computer.
if you can have the physical access of the victim's computer then you have no trouble as you have to just install it in the computer as any other software.
But if you do not have the physical access to that computer then convincing victim to install keylogger is a bit tricky and problematic..

Moreover, you cannot simply just email any keylogger to victim, as it will get detected and deleted. You have to first bind it to other files like image file. Binding a keylogger with an image file can be done by using Binders. You can download Binders from Internet for free.

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