Sunday, 11 March 2012


What is hacking
Hacking is a act of breaking into someone's computer, server, website, email account, messenger account, etc and steal their confidential informations.

There are a lot of different techniques and ways to perform hacking.

Who are hackers
Hackers are the people who perform hacking.

Types of hackers
There are two kinds of hackers in this planet:-
(1) White hat hackers
(2) Black hat hackers

White hat hackers
White hat hackers performs hacking not for making harm to other people in the planet. Their intention of hacking is for the welfare of people.
White hat hackers help people in computer technology, they work on open-source projects and share their valuable knowledge with the world and provide open-source applications, products, and projects to the world.
They always try to make Internet and computer technology more and more better..

Black hat hackers
Black hat hackers performs hacking to make harm to the particular person, company or a large number of community.
Their intention for hacking is always for making threat to the people. They steal confidential information and use them illegally.

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