Wednesday, 14 March 2012


The beauty of Internet is that you can use for hacking the same technique, features, software and tools which are meant to make computers more easier and efficient.

In this post we are going to discuss about a very interesting topic and that is PACKET SNIFFING.

Packet sniffer or network monitor is used to monitor the network traffic. Network administrator uses this tool to monitor and analyzing the traffic and if any problem occurs in the network then administrator can use the information gathers by the packet sniffer to detect the faulty packet and then by troubleshooting the network administrator can maintain the efficiency of his network.

Basically packet sniffer captures all the packets of data that passes through the network where the packet sniffer is kept. Packet sniffer keeps checking each and every packet that travels through the given network. This information is very very useful for the network administrator. I have already stated a simple and common example of the use of packet sniffer as it can detect the erroneous packet which may harm the network. So it becomes easier for the administrator to maintain the health of his network. 

okay so far we get to know that packet sniffer keep a check on each and every packet in the given network. So, if a hacker put his own packet sniffer tool in the network of other people then the hacker will be able to see all the packets (let me tell you that packets contain the data which flows from source to destination through network), in short the hacker is having an unauthorized access to the packets. By doing this the hacker will be able to record the confidential information that may include password and username of some highly confidential and important place.

As now we all know that packet sniffer can only work whn it is installed in the computer wich is the part of the network whose packets we want to sniff.
So you may now find it difficult to sniff the packets of people's network as you do not have the physical access to their computers. 
You can troubleshoot this problem by using malware, trojan or any kind of tool to get  access to the computer of their network and then you can install your packet sniffer in teir network.

Packet sniffer is really very hard to detect in any network, As packet sniffer do not alter or manipulate any packet or data and just monitor the packets..

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This post is only for educational purpose. 

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